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Rules & Guidelines – General

To run things smoothly here at pxleyes, we’ve set up some simple guidelines.

The main guideline here is having fun by entering and voting in competitions 🙂 But, we also want to keep these contests fair! 12 volunteer moderators keep an eye on the contests and intervene when necessary.

Contests are short lived and based on short contest goals. Moderators decide about the validity of entries. The interest of moderation is to establish a level playing field for everyone.

You are, however, free to raise questions on any decision made on any of your entries by contacting us by email (or in the red flag field of your own entry – The comment section of your entry is not the place to have this discussion). Sometimes it can happen that you get totally pissed off about a decision from to mods. Take some time to cool down before you protest, we prefer good manners here at pxleyes! *


Help by Language

On this page you can find experienced members who are willing to offer help in other languages.
If your English is not so good and something on pxleyes is not clear to you, this is the place to find help! Keep in mind, you need to register first before you can PM these members.
For English help, please check the FAQ and guidelines
* *





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