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Who was “O primeiro ladrão”?

Is it true Robin Good was the first blogger who started stealing stolen content from other stealers?

“I steal images from…”

… others who steal to others, who steal to others, who steal and don’t know who really was the first stealer!”

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Imagen relacionadaDer erste Dieb * El primer ladròn * The first stealer * O primeiro ladrão * Primum furem * Первый вор 

Christopher Columbus already new…

Is it true the first trip of Christopher Columbus to America, 

WAS NOT the first trip of a spanish ship to AImagen relacionadamerica…?


The World’s Cleanest Countries

The cleanest countries in the world also rank, not surprisingly, among the most beautiful countries in the world. Keeping any country with major cities clean is no small task, but the world’s cleanest countries have figured out a balance between population and sanitation and work tirelessly to be the cleanest and most efficient countries. For some countries, like Singapore, this means enforcing strict laws to keep the streets clean. Others have a national culture that tends towards tidiness and find that cleanliness is enforced through societal pressure and expectations.

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Countries With the Lowest Crime Rates

List of countries with lowest crime rates. These countries are either the safest places to live in as far as crime goes or the least regulated. This debate remains because it’s possible that there is little police security actually catching the crimes that go on within these populations. In any case, the ratio of crime per population is very low for the countries listed below. These countries are located all over the world and have different forms of government, but one thing that is the same for all of them is their extremely low crime rate. Take what you will from this information.

What are the countries with the lowest crime rate? You may be surprised what countries are the safest and hey, who knows, you may want to go visit them.

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New generation of robots

Resultado de imagen para my teacher is a japanese robot


“R 2 ree 2”

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My teacher is a robot!

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